26 March 2007

Suburban Stir Fry

March Madness took the form of the spontaneous good time in the burbs this weekend. Billy Dee, Brownguy and the Haleys joined us around a spicy pork stir-fry to watch basketball and officially kick off our campaign to get the Haleys to move to the South Shore.

We didn’t watch too much B-ball but viewed the Munchkinland snippet of the Wizard of Oz several times, courtesy of C & P who wanted to contort their faces like the Lollipop Guild.

So, we gathered round the kitchen bar -- snack plate central -- listening to Party Shuffle, enjoying a nosh of edamame, T-Bag’s guac -- and of course the spicy pork stir fry, the latest recipe pilfered from the Internets. Dawnie and I sipped everyone’s favorite pinot grigio from Northern Italy where the grapes are handpicked from vines nestled in the Dolomites. Did I mention two houses in our neigbhorhood are about to go on the market?

Caroline, a little obsessed with Brownguy, inquired about his new shoes and trip to LA the next day. Her first words upon waking up Sunday morning: "Mama, is Brownguy in California right now? What do you think he’s doing? Do you think he’s wearing his new shoes?

"Hey Paulie-what's in your treasure chest?"


1 comment:

wmd said...

that sounds like a perfect weekend.

P.s. Flaley's, I think the house next to us is for sale too. bonus, we're right up the road from an Aerosmith restaurant so there's a chance for a heroined out former rockstar sighting.