26 March 2007

Wow. This Was a Decade Ago?

Today marked the 10th anniversary of the day the Heaven's Gate cult shedded their "skin vehicles" and hitched a ride on the tail of the Hale Bopp Comet. It seems like only yesterday that Mikey C. arrived at the Warren Tavern sporting a photo of Marshall Applegate on the back of his jean jacket, sparking one of the most uproarious evenings of the late 90s. Where does the time go?


Smitty said...

I was thinking about this yesterday as I laced up my purple high top Nikes for another day in the trenches. Time flies when you're abusing your vehicle.

KJ said...

Just stay away from the spiked applesauce!

lpd said...

I'm impressed that they could find purple Nike high tops in the 90's. I thought those went out with wrestling shoes.

And, is it me, or does Marshall Applegate look a bit like a pixelized Johnny Carson in that image?