27 November 2006

Aw Yeah

Not that anyone gives a shit but I got my turkey. I am so bloated right now.

My mom will have a blog up shortly on something mindless and irrelevant. She's still in a tryptophan coma and her digicam is busted. Hopefully, the next post will not be about excessive holiday decor or motorized reindeer. We already have quite enough of that freaky deaky shit in this neighborhood and quite frankly, I'm a little put off by it.
Cheers ~ V


magnanimous said...

Vito you look so FAT and HAPPY. Go easy on those reindeer.

jal said...

I feel your pain V.

KJ said...

JAL-I can only imagine. Has Furio set up shop yet?

Vito barks at anything unfamiliar, whether its a car parked out front or a new plant in the house. He's losing his freaking mind right now, barking at all christmas lights and movable reindeers and santas going on across the street.