07 November 2006

Doo It

I was supposed to hold a sign and "wave at the dump" last weekend for Deval but ended up going to one of his South Shore rallies instead. I was so enthusiastic about voting for him this morning that I ended up spilling my coffee on my ballot. And I almost had to put a smallish elderly woman in a headlock to get another one. Get out there, vote out the boneheads and truthiness, but don't bring any food or drink into the voting stall...the wee old ladies at the registration table can be complete savages.


KT said...

Love it KJ. Wee David asked me this morning, "Are we voting for Deval Patrick because he's black or because the blonde lady is just stupid?". A little bit of both, ma dear, a little bit of both.

Rock the vote, baby!!

jal said...

Nice - I'd say the kids a genius!

BTW - my verification word was "ydslck" which is what we'll be in if Healey wins.

KJ said...

True that, Little David. I'd vote for YOU if I could.

"The people of Massachusets aren't going to elect a governor who looks like she strolls the laxative aisle at CVS in her spare time." - Brian McGrory.

One of the primary reasons I'm voting for Deval is because he said he won't be the "Governor of the Democrats" but the governor of everyone in Massachusetts..he'll listen to both sides. For too long, we've had the Governor of the Republicans in MA while everyone else got soaked and dismissed.

FFPVUBZ...that's what I say.

jal said...

I "ggnxr " that KJ.