08 November 2006

Random Quizzilla

1) What kind of shoes are you wearing today?
Im sliding around in my red fleece socks.

2) Name a song that got stuck in your head recently for any reason.
"Paint it Black" by the Rolling Stones. We have a red front door. I want to paint it black. Plan to do it tomorrow. It's that simple.

3) A recent question that you were asked but were unable to answer?
"How big is Cinderella's head?" (Question was posed by Caroline in case that wasn't glaringly obvious)

4) Finish this sentence: I wonder__________ .
I wonder how many people a 10-inch gourmet cheese cake would serve.

5) What did you look like when you were a teenager?
Pretty much the same but with bigger (and browner) hair and chubbier cheeks. I was also much better dressed. Back then, I would have never gone out in public with maple syrup finger prints on my shirt.


SAC said...

Ahh, the Random Quizilla, this is more like it!!

1. Born shoes. Great shoes.
2. "Convoy" by Kris Kristofferson. No idea.
3. What size expansion tank do I need for a 400k BTU boiler? Still have no fucking clue.
4. I wonder: Why the asswipe from above couldn't look the above info up himself?
5. Skinny, slightly zitty, and very awkward. Weight did me good.

jal said...

1. Cole Hahn for work. New balance after work.
2. Boyfriend (remixed) by Ashley Simpson - it's the biceps song at BodyPump last night.
3. What will the share price of OneBeacon stock be? No one knew until today - $25/share.
4. How the Mass Legislature will vote today? I e-mailed Sal, Anthony and Trav to let them know my marriage should not be invalidated.
5. Depends on which year - but always overweight and with a lot of mousse, color or gel in my hair depending on which 80's hairstyle I was enamored of that month - think asymetrical, french plum, orange, blonde, flock of seagulls, thompson twins, and the like.

BAGS said...

1) Himalayan walking shoes (reference anyone?)
2) What I Got by Sublime
3) I remember that Cinderella had a bulbous cranium. A five head that you could show a movie on. No idea.
4) I wonder...how many beers it will take to get shut off at the Red Lion Inn bar on November 18th.
5) Awkward, not too good. But from the sounds of things, much better than SAC.

KT said...

1. Born boots - love 'em.
2. London Bridge by Fergie (ironically after playing an actual game of London Bridge)
3. Why is George Bush president again?? (from Wee David) This one really stumped me.
4. ... what the opening stock price of Metabolix will be today! (MBLX) Woohooo!
5. Sorta the same but with darker, permed hair carefully quoifed into a flip-type arrangement. Don't try this at home.

WMD said...


1) Johnston & Murphy with "multi-layered sheepskin footbed". By far the most comfortable shoes I've owned.

2) "love me, love me" (or whatever the hell the name is). Jim from "The Office" was singing it to annoy his office mates and it's stuck with me. ouch

3) "Are you cooler than you are better looking?"

4) "I wonder...." if I am cooler than I am better looking.

5) Other than BHS best smile of the class of "88"... not good.

EPB said...

1. An old pair of JCrew shoes that won't wear out... I am beginning to think they were an experiment by JCrew to see how long mens shoes actually could last
2. Nick of Time.. by Bonnie Rait. No idea why.... maybe I am scared my biological clock is ticking!
3. Where I intend to spend my Thanksgiving dinner... by my Mother who won't hear anything other than with the entire family.
4. I wonder if I should blow off work tomorrow since its supposed to be 60+ degrees and sunny in November
5. Thanks to an old passport photo..skinny face, some acne and feathered hair parted in the middle.

Scott said...

1) What kind of shoes are you wearing today?
Rockports. Light and comfy.

2) Name a song that got stuck in your head recently for any reason.
Sugar by Tonic. It was on the CD in my car. Since it takes 4 minutes to drive to work, I get 1 song a day.

3) A recent question that you were asked but were unable to answer?
Will the SDB Option form for Bulk Account be straight through processing or white mail? Yah. Hi – welcome back.

4) Finish this sentence: I wonder__________ .
……. how long it will be before Lily takes a dump on the floor in my new apartment.

5) What did you look like when you were a teenager? I pioneered the coifed mullet with an Appalachian trail of pimples down my cheeks. HOT.

lmd said...

1) Wore my Asics "running" shoes on the plane ride home from Seattle.

2) "Save it for a Rainy Day" by the Jayhawks.

3) "So, what is considered ordinary income if you have a disqualifying disposition with short term gain?" WTF...

4) I wonder when palazzo pants will come back in style?

5) Ah, I was much taller as a teenager. Slender, graceful, very beautiful... It was the 80's! I looked like a jerk. Long permed hair (sometimes used a little "sun in") and a little too much eye liner.

james said...

Better Late than never..
1) Lawnmowing shoes. Reebok brown trail shoes.
2) Ariel singing ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahh
3)Why is the crosswalk skewed from Charles Station to the Hospitals -
4) I wonder how the BCS will breakout after the upset of Auburn and Cal today.
5) Same hairstyle as Bean, Pink Polo, Gold Chain. Real cool

magnanimous said...

2-Toxic by Brit
3-Why did Laverne and Shirl move to Burbank. I cant remember why!
4-I wonder what ever happened to the Schmoo
5-Like a total slut