13 November 2006


(I just love my candy cock necklace.)


(Oh my God, your hand is HUGE)

Whether busting her Madonna karaoke skills at the Elephant & Jackass or dancing to an 80s wedding band at the Big Cheesy, Dawn was the ultimate bachelorette, inspiring all to join her in this time-honored tradition of dick favors, dancing and drinking one's face off. That said, I am missing a huge chunk of time between exiting the Tommy Van at the Alley and waking up in my rainbow platforms in the Dell'Olio guest room (What a jerk.) Dawnie, on the other hand, overcame some motor skill challenges early on, went the distance and triumphed. An impressive balance of endurance and joie de vivre.

The quote of the evening came from Melanie who whipped out the fuschia loofah-cum-dildo thingy that somehow made it out with us and said to Brownie: "Hey Body, wanna see my cock." Absolutely fantastic.
Good times, all!
Looking forward to seeing everyone at the wedding this weekend!

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magnanimous said...

You women always seem to have such fun. I wish I lived in Boston.