30 November 2006

El Sarape Suppah

The blanket supper. Or the green wrap -- "el verde wrappo" -- supper. Whatever you call it, this month's Suppah Club was cilantro-flavored and smothered in a mole sauce. It also coincided with my 20-17th birthday so there was mucho Sangria and jubilation going down at El Sarape on Weymouth Landing last night. The fact that I got carded at the bar before dinner was a present unto itself, as were special guest stars/hopefully returning regulars: KT and Brownguy.

This month, we actually learned something. KT educated us on the wonders of natural plastics and how her environmentally pioneering company is going to save the world. Our conversation went from high-minded topics like: "Spent Lipstick Case?: Just Bury it in the Backyard, it's Biodegradable" to irresistable crap like: "PerezHilton.com: Are Gratuitous Cooch Shots of Lindsay Lohan Really Necessary?" and "You're a 32B?: The Gravity-Defying Effects of the Victoria's Secret IPEX bra" (check out my hammers.) Great time, all. Thank you for littering the passage into the late 30s with refried beans, alcohol and filth. I love you all.

Paige: "Heh. I'm not in my late 30s."

Brownguy goes in for the kill.

Let's swaddle BG in el verde wrappo.

Little Beaver (&) the Brownguy


KT said...

Happy Birfday Katie!!

Thanks for the invite to Suppah Club! I had a great time. Mmmmmm....Mole. And thanks for the props to MBLX in the blog! Livin' the dream, baby.

Congrats again to L(formerly)P on the new SS digs and to Auntie on the beautiful baby Jack! Hope to see y'all at the Jackson Holiday Ho-down.

KJ said...

Thanks so much for making the trek from the Chester, KT. You're on the list from now on. You are not biodegradable. See you next weekend! xo