21 November 2006

Happily Married, Happily No Longer Planning a Wedding

Over the past few months, whenever you'd ask Tom & Dawn if they were getting excited for the wedding, they'd tell you they were more excited for the day after because it would mean they were no longer planning a wedding. While it's a common complaint, I didn't realize exactly how much work went into this shindig until we walked into the Red Lion Inn last Saturday night. We were instantly struck by the level of detail, the decor, the colors, the strategically-placed candles that cast soft, flattering lighting (thank you). It had to have involved hundreds of hours of planning but it was clearly a labor of love. The result was an event that was quintessentially Tom and Dawn, a celebration worthy of their relationship. The Red Lion served as a perfect rustic canvas for their autumn-flavored affair. Dawn walked down the aisle on a bed of scattered leaves to The Turtles' "You Showed Me. " Hand-carved pumpkins glowed the table numbers. The ceremonial music was straight out of the Flaley iPod: The bridal party was introduced to "I Don't Know Why I Love You" by the House of Love and the bride and groom to "Vapour Trail" by Ride. Fantastic.

Their first dance, a flawless RUMBA to Edwyn Collins' "A Girl Like You."

After witnessing an impromptu dry-run at their house last week, we were skeptical but they completely pulled it off. >>

After the cocktail hour, we reported to our tables where over a crazy-delicious nosh of butternut squash soup and lobster ravs, we were treated to another remarkable mix of tunes. (To rip-off Cameron Crowe, if I had a personal conversation with God, I'd ask him to create this playlist. ) Everyone was in good spirits and right on vibe. However, the ambiance was shattered by the occassional, "Holy shit! Is this Love and Rockets?" from one of us quacking quackeroos in the balcony. Other highlights: Annie's TSA-remix "Liquids Back (yeah)." The Perchard Family Bumrush. All of Brownie's signature dance moves made a comeback, including a side-by-side Running Man with Goy. Cameo was hounded by a smitten Raddo. And of course, the evening would not have been complete without Tom doing the Thriller dance, and he did not disappoint, taking to the dance floor with his sister Katie. Refresh your memory, view the original Thriller dance here: Then envision a couple of fair-skinned WooTown Irish in place of the once-black Michael Jackson and his undead dance troupe.

Congratulations to our friends. We'll all be over to polish off any leftover bottles of "Dawn & Tom's Wedding Day I.P.A" and toast the beginning of your marriage and the end of wedding planning. For now, enjoy the downtime. Chill out (but don't freeze to death) on that smashing roofdeck.

Random shots:

Owls about to dance are distracted by a tower of pumpkin cheesecake cupcakes nearby. *Kick it to the chorus.*

Brownguy regales James and Goy with tales of a Fido-gone-wild corporate dinner.

Auntie & Bags -- en fuego on the balcony -- were voted "most likely to have the worst next day ever" having to deal with an infant and a family party. A great showing.

James "most likely trying to shake down Joe for a deal on a plasma screen."

Tarted up Birds, shored up bosoms.

WMD, SAC and their Diet Buds.

***If anyone has photos they want to share, please email them to me and I'll post them. I don't have any good dancing photos because my camera broke and I ran down the battery on LPD's cam during the rumba. I'll be waiting for Peete's YouTube version. Good times, all!


sb said...

That was an awesome time. Dawn, you looked beautiful. It was cold outside for the pictures, but Dawn persevered and smiled non-stop through it all (even though Rado made a comment every 3rd picture). Quite impressive. Tom, you like quite sharp as well. You're the only guy I know who can stand at the alter sans hairbrush and nail it.

All the hard work you guys put into this paid off. Everything went w/out a hitch (except the absence of Liberty Ale for Tom) and as far as I could tell everyone had a blast. I agree with KJ in that I'll be interested in some of that Wedding Day Ale. I forgot to take my wedding favor. I think Dr. Tangueray misled me.

WMD said...

An AMAZING Wedding!! glad mine was before because I would hate to have to follow that act. The music was fantastic and glad to see that everything was how you wanted it and not "formula". Great work Tommy and Dawn. It was everything it should have been.

Best wishes on road ahead.

LPD said...

A wedding right out of a Cameron Crowe movie. I loved it all. Tom & Dawn, congratulations on pulling off a spectacular celebration that was as special as you are. Great time dancing with Sisters Haley. Apologies for my family crashers...they can't stay away from a good time. I may need GOG's help editing the video, but I'll be sure to hand it over soon so you can see for yourselves how deliriously happy you looked. Buh.