10 November 2006

Cream Shop Friday: FED-EX

K-Fed, we hardly knew thee. While you were mostly known as Mr. Britney Spears and for tacking the word "ass" onto all of your adjectives, you touched all of our souls and made them feel icky. However, we now know that you're an intelligent creature after you recently opened up to GQ about your "amazing ass" GED scores. You've always had a way with the skanks and when you turn on that charming-ass charm, nothing can stop you. "Any of you sexy-ass ladies wanna dance with a pimp." That's the stuff...what a sweetheart. We'll never forget you.

The Pointy Universe invites all to pay tribute to this glorified wigger by taking in an encore performance of him here jamming out to one of his own songs, a "Brazilian ass shaker" called Popozao. This instant classic captures the true essence of all that was K-Fed. I'm thrilled he will be immortalized on YouTube for generations to come.


Cols said...

Okay, so apparently no one else shares my interest in the big break-up as I'm the first to comment. Thanks for shunning the masses and posting a blog on this for me, PU....I appreciate you.

I won't lie...while in the ridiculously long line at the Safeway grocery store last night (gotta LOVE city grocery shopping) I picked up the US Weekly to see if there were any new details of the shocking split that weren't available to me in the CNN Breaking News alert sent out about it...YES, I received a CNN breaking news alert about Britney filing for divorce. Nevermind that it was election day, CNN had other priorities. I'm sure the justification lies in notion that after Britney faxed her signature to Los Angeles to file the papers, she obviously also voted absentee. : )

USA Today I think filed the best story on it. A very interesting comparison of Britney's marital bliss to Whitney Houston's marriage to Dorchester native, and citizen of the year, Bobby Brown. Good reading for all when time permits. http://www.usatoday.com/life/people/2006-11-12-britney-whitney_x.htm

Even better, Britney has been seen wearing actual shoes, and not the chunky flip flop kind, and no halter tops for a few weeks now...I smell a comeback.

KJ said...

Cols - You need to write a guest blog. This is exactly the kind of hard-hitting info that all in the pointy universe crave. Please oh please.