17 November 2006

Random Quizilla

1) Do you consider yourself an emotional person? Which emotion do you experience most regularly?
I don't just "consider" myself an emotional person, I'm fully aware of this fact. It's a nightmare. Most days I oscillate between anxiety and guilt for the most trivial of reasons. When I feel euphoric, I feel guilty about it. Most shocking thing is I'm basically very happy and wouldn't change one thing -- except the anxiety I feel about things changing. What a mess.

2) What is on your refrigerator door?
Just fingerprints. We have a non-magnetic stainless steel fridge. We've created a collage of Caroline's & Paul's artwork on the bathroom wall and have a magnetic whiteboard acting as a catch-all for other would be fridge collateral: Jack Raymond's baby announcement, the invitation to Tom & Dawn's wedding, my Lemonheads tickets and a mailer for James' 20th high school reunion next week.

3) If you could get rid of one piece of furniture in your house what would it be and what would you replace it with?
The couch, of course. It's way beyond Febreze. It's beyond industrial strength cleaning. It needs to be set on fire. Over the past few years, it's been subjected to unspeakable things: "unreliable" diapers, Vito doing dirty things to his stuffed rabbit, popsicles, granola bars and mini-pancakes stuffed in between the cushions, magic marker murals scribbled across the back of it, etc. (BTW, don't fear the couch at the Christmas party. We'll flip the cushions over.) Obviously I will replace it with a new couch when the kids are less apt to use it as a hiding place for soiled Pull-Ups and half-eaten snacks.

4) Do you believe in intelligent life on other planets?
Yes. Given the infinite size of the universe, it would seem like a gigantic waste of space if we were the only ones. It'd be short-sighted not to believe that there are intelligent beings elsewhere -- not that I'd ever want to meet any of them. Aliens are scary.

5) What was the last concert you attended? It would've been Keane, had it not been for Tom Chaplin's rehab stint. Instead, the last show I saw was Roger Waters at the Tweeter Center. Great time. Flying pigs and hovering astronauts and psychedelic light shows. I was never a fan of Pink Floyd until I was pregnant with Caroline. For some reason, it was the only music I could listen to. I found it soothing. On any given night, James would come home and find me lying in the dark with empty Devil Dog wrappers scattered around me, listening to Pink Floyd with Vito. The best part was he never found this to be an odd sight. He'd just ask, "Is this the Final Cut?"


Celine said...

1. YES. I've always been an emotional person but couple that with the influx of hormones in the last year or so and I've turned into a complete puddle most of the time. I cry at pretty much any commercial that plays music, throw a baby or puppy into the mix and I'm a mess. Keith finds this very entertaining. I would have to say that I feel guilty more often than I should. I'm sure 9 years of Catholic school have nothing to do with that.

2. Last year's christmas card picture of Patch, some feel good fortune cookie messages, pics of nieces & nephews,Tom & Dawn's wedding invitation and a Nantucket magnet.

3. My "student desk" downstairs in our basement. I can basically fit my laptop, a lamp, and one pen on this pathetic excuse for an office area. I bought the desk about 10 years ago when I needed something small enough to fit into my room in Charlestown. It's held up well but I really need to graduate to a real desk one of these days.

4. Yes, I'm with Kate on this one.

5. I actually think it was over a year ago when we saw U2 in October. I really need to get out more.

SAC said...

1. Not really emotional.
2. Fingerprints, the side of it has a lot of stuff. But the front is a pure CSI database for preschoolers.
3. The Futon. Not great but the price was right and it currently serves its purpose since I am unable to afford a good couch. Kate: Is your for sale? Better yet, is it free?
4. Surely there is intelligent life elsewhere and I think some have already landed here and live omong us. Most notable, any goalie in hockey-they are wierd fuckers to begin with. I think they are aliens. Also the strange looking homeless person at the South Bay exit. Something not human about him-surely an alien. and there are others but I cannot elaborate without them killing me.
5. G. Love and Special Sauce. Good show that I saw for my 35th Birthday. I need to go to more concerts.....damn kids!

LPD said...

1) Yes indeedy, I'm emotional.

2) Everything. Magnets from most of the cities I've seen. Pictures. L Street Running club training schedule for a 1/2 marathon I didn't train for. Coupons. Recipes. Wedding invitation. A drunken post-it note from Cameo.

3) I am in the opposite situation - I will have a house that NEEDS furniture. Maybe your other bloggers can bring their castaway pieces to our house.

4) I believe in life on other planets. I think intelligence is subjective. ;)

5) Jamie Cullum at the Orpheum

Anonymous said...

1) Absolutely. Like women who say they "don't need" makeup...I don't trust people who aren't at least a little emotional. It shows you're human. Since exhaustion doesn't count, frustration would have to be the emotion I feel most regularly these days.

2)Group fitness class schedule at the gym, photos, thank you card from a good friend and my 2 favorites: a card my sister gave me when I was very sick with the saying, "I get up, I fall, meanwhile I keep dancing" and an old version of Oprah magazine's "What I know for sure." It talks about how blackberries have made people forget the finer points of human communication. Brilliant and a much needed reminder here in DC...land of the self-important blackberry!

3)My apt is so small I can't have much furniture, but my closet is in desperate need of a good purge. Tons of stuff I haven't worn in years taking up valuable real estate.

4)I believe in psychics and that the position of Jupiter at the right degree can change my life...why not add life on other planets!

5)Mariah Carey at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Road trip for Brad and me and some reminiscing about our low point of unemployment in 2001. After an especially long day of bleak job prospects, we'd watch the movie Glitter with Mariah and realize...life could be MUCH worse!

james said...

1) Emotional Person - Unfortunately Yes. I'm a big Wuss. I dread Carolines Wedding.
2) Finger Prints except for every other Monday when the cleaning lady comes.
3)I like the Furniture but the buckets of Kates clothes (and I do mean several buckets) in the bedroom could find a home.
4)Life on other planets. Yes
5) Roger Waters - Great show. Check him out if you get a chance. Two upcoming Lemonheads and the Who. Nice Nice